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Monday, December 11, 2006


Treasure of the earth.

There are many reefs in the world, yet, the Great Barrier Reef is special because “The Great Barrier Reef is said to be the only natural structure clearly visible from space.” (Peschardt, 1999, para.21). It is located at Australia, and it is one of the main fun spots of Australia. People can enjoy diving, scuba diving and snorkeling. However, the reefs are going to be killed by human being and many reports are warning that almost all of the reefs in the Central Pacific area will disappear by 2050. Thus, a lot of Australian who have jobs that depend on the Great Barrier Reef will lose their jobs if it dies. If we ignore and are not concerned about these serious environmental problems, it means we also are not concerned for our future. Sometimes, we feel that the nature does not change forever and it is always there even though the truth is that it is not. Therefore, we have to take measures to protect reefs before it becomes too late.
The coral reef is that a line of hard rocks formed by coral. The barrier reef is that coral reefs which are separated from the land by a lagoon. They occupy just less than 0, 2 per cent of the ocean floor, whereas they admit around 25 per cent marine species, and they provide us many benefits. (2006,para.9). For examples, they break up wave action, so they protect shore. They furnish places for fish to live, and feed them. They become shelter to a lot of marine animals. Besides that, they give people to jobs through tourism and fishing. However, while we enjoy marine, they are being ruined in many ways. (2006, para.11).

The first one of the biggest reasons is recent freak weather conditions, for instances, rising temperature of seawater and going up seawater level because of global warming. As a result, changing elements of seawater is also became another reason. We have allowed emitting a lot of carbon dioxide, so it has caused global warming and has destroyed the ozone layer. Of course, as the temperature goes higher, the temperature of seawater will be influenced and become higher. The temperature of seawater is rising every year, and it came to new high reading last year. Besides, the Great Barrier Reef is affected by the warm water from the Indian Ocean. Dr. Oliver said the American satellite systems showed that the water’s temperature is 2 or 3 degrees higher than usual seawater already. (1999, para.11). The researchers expect that next year’s temperature of seawater will be higher than this year. Furthermore, when the temperature goes high, the ices in Arctic and Antarctic thaw, and the seawater levels goes up. The reefs can live only places where sunlight penetrates, has clear water and keep the temperatures 20-28 degrees. Their cells can not manage themselves in other places, and if the reefs die, fish that live in reefs will face the death crisis because of hunger.

The way to decrease temperature of seawater is simple, try to goes down the temperature of the earth. Seawater is influenced by that. Naturally, at least, if we can do things as much as we can like discharging less trash, or not using things that contain carbon dioxide, the temperature will reduce, and the seawater’s also reduce. It does not matter how big the things. How we think seriously about our environment is matter. Stopping or stay slowly global warming leads decreasing temperature of seawater.

The next reason is that, in Australia, according to , many trawling boats has destroyed seabed to fishing and naturally, they also have destroyed reefs. Besides that, reefs need immediately help. The trawling is one way of the fishing that use wide net and get fish that live in seabed, so they hurt reefs that live on seabed. Their boat’s anchor and bottom shave reefs. As noted earlier, many tropical fish have lived in the Great Barrier Reef and reef has built long time, but the boats desolate reef a moment. Since fishermen want to get fish, they do trawling there although they knew that they damage reefs because they have to do that for living. For that matter, the Australian Conservation Foundation is worrying about dying reefs, and they are demanding that prohibition of trawling to government, but it is dilemma. People who are trawling have to do that for living, so they hurt reefs.

Thus, fishermen should make laws or strict rules about fishery. They should manage themselves by themselves. It is better than making laws by government because their own association is sometimes more powerful for them. In fact, the action that fishermen hurt reefs also hurt people who have tourism jobs at the Great Barrier Reef.

In addition, actually, people who have tourism jobs pollute reefs. Australia is one of the most popular tourist attractions’ countries in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is also famous in the world, so many people go there, and enjoy marine sports and magnificent nature. For Australia, It is the main economy source to keep society going well. However this tourism is also causing the problem about destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. People who have come there to do marine sports like scuba diving enjoy the brilliant nature in the sea by touching and breaking it. They touch it by just curiosity and snap it off for a memorial. In fact, some parts of the reef are sensitive and they do not like to be touched often. Moreover, if they are snapped off, they can not grow like other part. Similarly, people come there, and drop trash and throw away cans. Due to dumping, seawater is contaminated and changed their elements. Scientists state the salinity of seawater that near the Great Barrier Reef is changed because of the pollution by the tourism. The amount of changing is a little bit, but it surely has effect to reefs. Consequently, the reef should be protected by strict laws, although it is the one of the main reason that people come to Australia. According to the environmental Minister Kemp(1999), Australia earns a lot of money through tourism, yet, if we keep using and treating them as attraction, our economy will get huge damages in near future. Unfortunately, as it is said before, it is also become dilemma since people who have tourism jobs rely on marine, and if it is prohibited to open to visitors, it means that they lose their jobs.

In order to solve these problems and keep their economy, Australian is trying to live with them by creating artificial reef. They sink frigate to make new places to propagate to reefs. To check the attempt is success or not, it takes long time, but if it is success, it will become new attraction to visitor and other countries that are having problems about marine species can refer and adopt this idea.

Specifically, the Great Barrier Reef is being damaged by many reasons. Almost all of reasons include changing climate are caused by people, so we can say that people are killing the fabulous gift from nature. Because of these issues, it is said that sadly, the Great Barrier Reef will disappear within forty years. For the future, we have to save the Great Barrier Reef, our nature. We can start that from in our own backyard. We can use bicycle or train instead of the car that emits carbon dioxide. We can make a rule to protect reefs even if it is hard for some people. We have to do something for the future. It is not only problem for Australia. Actually, it is problem of mankind who live on the earth. For saving our reefs, the great gift from nature, we must treat the earth as only one treasure, and live with nature.


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U.S.A should accept the marijuana legally?

People have enjoyed marijuana for fun even this is illegal, but the consensus of this drug is changing. Now, the marijuana is used as a medicine by some people. It’s effective in relieving pain in illnesses like Parkinson’s and schizophrenia. In “Canada opens door to marijuana”, the author mentions “Canada has become the first country in the world to legalise the use of marijuana by people suffering from terminal illnesses and chronic conditions“ (2001, para.1). However, the side effects are terrible and harsh. In addition, there are some harmful effects of marijuana such as destroying cells of brain and DNA, damaging to function of sperm, and bad effects to people’s minds. Moreover, in U.S.A, there are many problems about marijuana and the crises are really serious; therefore U.S.A government should keep it illegal.

The brain and DNA are damaged by smoking marijuana. By the article “‘ Natural marijuana ‘ may treat brain disorders.”, it is warning that using marijuana causes narrowing blood vessels in brain, and destroys the parts of brain that work for memorizing and thinking(1999). Furthermore, unfortunately, it effected in long term. It means that although they had stop smoking, they still have gotten the effects. In other words, marijuana users can’t avoid this crisis if they have been addicted it once. Also, the smokers have more DNA mutations than non-smokers. According to Dr Ammenheuser, the DNA cells that are from marijuana smokers have three times as many damaged as the non-smokers.(1998). Indeed, the babies, infants, are getting damages from mothers, so mothers, female, shouldn’t smoke marijuana.

Surprisingly, sperm is attacked by marijuana. In “Marijuana smoking damages sperm”, “Marijuana contains several chemicals known to have an impact on human physiology, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)” (2003, para,5). Marijuana has some influences to human’s bodies, and also it makes sperm fertility weaker and less sperm count, yet, still that, it is possible to be pregnant with partner who has low sperm count. However, marijuana smoker's sperm, in fact, swim faster than non-smokers, but they swim too early, so almost all of them die before they reach to egg. Thus, fathers, males, must keep away from smoking this dangerous drug.

The most serious problem about marijuana is that it has continuous impact on later life. Although they have stopped smoking it, if used it when they were young, they have higher possibility to have problems to alcohol and other drugs. Substantially, in “Early marijuana use ‘leads to problems’” , while researcher said many factors influence to people behaves of alcohol and drugs, for example, society and family situations; they also mentioned that for people who had broken the laws, the facts what they did have more effects. Therefore, people who have used marijuana are likely become people who have mental problems.

Even though marijuana has the benefit as medicine, smoking it shouldn’t be legal in U.S.A. Using as medicine can be allowed like Canada, yet, using for having fun mustn’t be allowed because it has more disadvantages. For instance, it gives detrimental chemicals to body, and it causes some troubles for brain and DNA. It leads some mental problems in later life even though they had quitted smoking. For keep the safe society, U.S.A government has to keep it illegal for the future.


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Childish American Students.

In Patrick Welsh’s article “For once, blame the student.” he points out that recent American students make teachers, textbook and education styles take responsibility to their lack of success in study,. However, it isn't school's fault. Actually, students have reasons for fairer in the classroom. They don’t have motivation, and they aren’t trained. On the other hand, Asian students such as Japanese and Taiwanese don’ think like American students. They take responsibility by themselves. They think studying hard is most important key to get academic success. The author also said the schools have responsibility because students don't have to stand what they don't like. The schools become flexible, so they make students become arrogance.

For me, an Asian, it’s too selfish that American students think that school has responsibility for studying. Even it’s clearly that the students have responsibility for their studying, why can they blame school? However, it’s typical American thinking. America is called lawsuit country. American want to take responsibility to other person, they don’t want to accept the responsibility by themselves. Therefore American students can accuse their school. Yet, the many main reasons for that kind of problems are caused by students such as their idle characters, selfish thinking and education systems.

American students who study at universities in U.S.A are kind of idle because they don't have to learn English and they already have it, so they just study their major study. Also, they don't have to study hard because they don’t need to worry about VISA. They are studying in their country. Even though they have poor grade, they can study at there, but for international students, they can't get many poor grade because if they get them, they can’t keep studying in U.S.A. Their VISA will be taken out. Therefore, for international students, the studying hard is so important to keep studying in U.S.A, yet for American students, the studying hard isn’t necessary things. They need to get the grades that allow them to graduate university. Consequently, many American students became indolent students because of the easy graduating system to citizens. Studying abroad makes students more serious about study. They don't just go to school and they go to school with clearly purpose such as getting to degree or taking to high level education. In many countries, many international students are studying harder than the students who live in their countries because they have aim in going abroad. Going abroad needs a lot of money, so they can’t do that without object. Studying with purpose makes students serious and study hard. That’s the one of the main reasons for that why international students study harder than national students.

Also, American conventional thinking is totally different with Asian. American thinking is more individually than Asian. They think things as privately. It’s traditional culture, but it’s sometimes too much and become selfish. For instance, few years ago, certain American sued MacDonald because he thought it made him fat and got sickness. However, MacDonald didn't show him that if you keep eating MacDonald’s food, you are going to be obesity. Some American agree with him, yet, almost all of Asian don’t agree with him. Like this example, the American individual thinking occasionally becomes egoistic. Moreover, many American students give the responsibilities to school and they don’t take these, so they think it’s the school’s job to make them study. In addition, they want school to motivate them even they don’t have enthusiasm. Their thinking can’t make them study hard.

The international students who are especially Asian study hard because of their education systems. Asian schools have more strict rules than American’s. Most of Asian students follow and respect the teachers and it’s like a mind control, but it doesn’t mean negative. Asian has the cultures that are seniority and honorific words for people who are older. American doesn’t have that kind of culture, so they are friendly with teachers and professors. Although it’s positive for having good communication, it has negative power. The seniority makes people polite to older people and they become obedient students. It’s sometimes good but sometimes bad, however, many Asian students want to response to teacher’s wants. Asian students are trained to study hard but they aren't to communicate, so Asian can study but they can’t communicate well like American. Asian can study hard because they learned that from school, so they also can study hard in U.S.A. Of course, American students can't change the education systems, but they can change themselves’ thinking. It's just excuse and the education systems can influence to

In conclusion, American thinking, style and culture made students idle. These pushed students to more easy way, so American students are seen that they don't study hard. Some of American students do that, but some of them don't do that. However, in U.S.A, many students from foreign countries study hard, so it became to strikingly tendency. Although it's one of the tendency, it is true that many international students study hard in U.S.A and many American students don't study hard like them because they don't feel in a pinch even they have ad grade. American should make students study hard by changing systems to change attitude and thinking to study.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Art and Science of the Advertising Slogan

I chose the site "The Art and Science of the Advertising Slogan". According this site, a slogan should be memorable for the advertisement. The points of that are alliteration, coined words and puns, and rhymes are also important. There're many example of famous company's slogans. And, they're so interesting and funny.
I really agreed with this site because I like the commercial that has good sounds. It's memorable. So what the site shows is exactly I thought. When I hear the commercial song or see the commercial program that easy to memory. I'll remember that and I'll buy it or try to buy it if that's easy to buy. If they could make sounds good commercials, it makes them succeed. I can say that good commercial is most important things of advertisements.

Color psychology

I went to the site "Color psychology". There's a lot of information about color. "How do different color affect peopleÅfs mood". In the world, there're many colors such as black, white and red etc and they have several meanings each colors. It's related with advertising or feeling like that. So if you want to sell something, you should know which color effect people and how color effect people.
Colors often have different meanings in various cultures. For example, in Japan, many young men are wearing pink clothes. It's just fashion. Yet, in US, if men are wearing pink clothes, it means they're gay. Many gay people do so. Like that, there're many interesting cultures about colors. Therefore, I thought color psychology is so interesting.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Britny Spears and Paparazzi

I went this site that "Britny Spears complains about Paparazzi".
In the fall of 2004, Britny Spears and Kevin Federline got married and their matrimony is so wonderful but she felt really bad and started feeling damaged because of paparazzi. Paparazzi trespassed on their matrimony; furthermore, they pursued her urgently so she got upset. And it made it happen that her baby was sitting on her lap while drinving,to defend herself from paparazzi. Yet, even that, paparazzi are accused of that. Britny got mad and said, "All people have a right to privacy" and said, she needs respect.

I agree with her. In my opinion, everbody including famous people have a right to privacy. Thay have a right to live a life that they want to do. Yet, we also have a right to know what they waht to get, except in the case of breaking the law.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Airborne Leaflet Propaganda!

I chose this site,"Airborne Leaflet Propaganda". It's about "Propaganda" that is wrong or partly wrong information used by a goverment or political group such as enemy troops, or army, to make people agree with them. It's a kind of mind control and sometimes it can be a good thing but sometimes it can be a bad thing. Along time ago, around WWⅡ, people knew it was a very effective method, but its use in a decline. Yet, after around WWⅡ, it was used by many countries such as Western Europe,Korea and Vietnamu.
In my opinion, it's very interesting because it's a kind of traditional, conservative thing. I don't know how people who get propaganda feel and think about that. Sometimes, it can change people's mind, but sometimes, it can't do so. In Japan, it happend 50~60 years ago, during the war so I just wonder what they thought about it. And, this site has a lot of informations about that and it is so easy to understand so I recommend this site if you want to know about propaganda.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Second Life land deal ends up in court

I'm going to write about this site:Second Life This site is about "Second Life"and made by "Linden Research, Inc". These is a map of the second life world., some links that are inviting or "Teen Second Life","Business week" and so on. This site looks like a game site because it's so colorful and there are some funny characters.

In my opinion, this site looks like so fun because there is a map that is located in the middle which is similar to my favorite game, so I had a interest in this site. In addition, in the left side, there is a message,"Teen Second Life"for teenages. If teenages come to this site, they can't play Second Life but they can play Teen Second Life. It is kind for teenages.

Friday, May 26, 2006